Photo Gallery 2015-2016

Miller Park Picnic and Stage Show 7/31/2015

         Randy the chef

         Herb the cook

         Stan forever collecting

     The show "Hair Spray"

     and the "Blue Moon"



     Guy Fraker

   April 28 Speaker Maureen Brunsdale, Milner Library, ISU


    Robert Handley, Maureen Brunsdale, President Don

  Changing of the Guards 2/3/2015











                      Sweat shirt contest winner Jerry Ringer

                President Sean Craig, New ISU President Larry Diez, Formaer    

                                             President David Strand

                                               High School Boy Basketball Coaches

Christmas OParty 2014 at Bloomington Country  Club 12/03/2014


                            Herb Knudsen and Pres. Sean Craig


                                 David Horine, the pianist     


                                       Patsy, Lynda, Marty and Bill chatting  



                                                    Lou, Howard and Bob


                                  Scott and Dave Hume, John Ficca


                                                 Fred Noyes

                                                   Sean Craig



                                           Marty and Patsy enjoy the dinner


                                        Patsy, Lynda and Linda




                                              Winner is Justin Mathis


                                                   "Harmony Gauranteed"



                                             Barb and Scott Hume


                                                                   Richard and Lyn Scott


                                                              Lou Lazerson


                                                    Gayle and Terry Fry


                                  Lynda and Gary Frankeberger


                                               Jan and Ron Pacha


                                          Fred, Doris Kuppersmith, Elaine Noyes


                                                     Fred and Elaine Noyes


                                           Penny Allen and M.O. Simundson


                                                   Sue and Gary Blakney


                                                        Betty and David Toland


                                                  Pat and Bob Deibert


                                                              Judy and Dan Holder


                                                              Jackie, Ron Dosier and friends


                                                  Sue and Jesse Smart


                                                 Duff and Herb Knudsen


                                           Patsy and Marty Oman


                                                               Uretta and Harry Lovell


                                                    Jack and Sue Kohl


                                                       Marilyn and Wayne Ericson


                                                   Judy and Ruel Wright


                                                     Randy and Jude Wills


                                                    Mary and Bill Caisley

                                                     Valmere and Winfred Knapp

                                                     Linda and Meng Horng


                                                          Bill and Judy Yoder


Random Meeting Pictures

           Our Santa Garrett comes early

               Tom Willmitch of ISU and David Weber


Cornmelters Game Outing






2014 Golf Day Dinner at Julius Alexander's House


Dan wins every item again

       New members joined during 2013 year and their sponsors

                              Welcome come back Rogers Freedlund



          Two formal ISU Presidents Boman and Strand