Special Acknowledgement from the Young Mens Club

Youth Opportunity Awards

Young Mens club approved the formation of the Foundation in 1986 and since that time has either give out scholarships to junior high school students, contributed to a Newspaper in Education program (established by The Pantagraph), contributed to the Childrens Discovery Museum for their Newspaper Workshop (scholarships

For students) or contributed to the Student Dictionary Foundation. The Youth Opportunity Foundation has adopted the third grade at Trinity Lutheran School and purchased 40 dictionaries on their behalf in 1999 and 2000.

The Youth Opportunity Foundation joins Rotarians, churches and other contributors to give out over 500 dictionaries a year. Before our association with The Pantagraph and Childrens Discovery Museum was established (1996) the Foundation provided scholarships to deserving junior high school students for programs that included education, art, music, and leadership type camps. The students were selected by school principals and their counselors as being worthy of the scholarships. The value of the scholarship ranged from $100 for art supplies to $500 toward a college orientation week at the University of Wisconsin Superior.

YMC also had a long-standing relationship with the children of Victory Hall, the Scott Center and Childrens Foundation. YMC traditionally devotes one luncheon in December to the Foundation and invites students who have received scholarships, gifts or dictionaries. The initial vehicle for financing the Foundation has been a $1,200 annual contribution from the YMC treasury. Several raffles are held throughout the year that generates funding. For instance, artist Fred Mills (YMC member and past-president) has donated several prints that generate significant amounts of money to the Foundation. Members also donate money in memory of loved ones. The 1992 Club Follies generated about $2000 of net proceeds to the Foundation.

The ultimate objective of the YMC Youth Opportunity Foundation is to develop an endowment level of principal sufficient to expand the program and decrease the year to year reliance upon funding from the Clubs treasury. Any donation, whatever the size, is appreciated.




1916 Ben S. Rhodes*

1917 Frank M. Rice*

1918 Frank M. Rice*

1919 Ned E. Dolan*

1920 Lyle Straight*

1921 Joe Bunting *

1922 Fred Wollrab*

1923 Chalmers Marquis *

1924 Dr. R. W.McLean*

1925 E. Mark Evans *

1926 Harold Lang *

1927 Al A. Ulbrich*

1928 George P. Stautz*

1929 W. F Costigan*

1930 Ralph Freese*

19311.1. Williams*

1932 Clyde Noble*

1933 Charles Haller*

1934 Walton 1sch*

19351. W. Rodgers *

1936 R. M. 0 Connell*

1937 Paul Jefferson *

1938 Emil Wickman*

1939 P. A. Washburn*

1940 Hugh Henry*

1941 Rev. R. C. Carson*

1942 I. B. Murphy*

1943 Arthur Moore *

1944 Walter Yoder*

1945 Robert Whitmer*

1946 Verner Kurth *

1947 E. M. Lebkuecher*

19481. H. Bellamy*

1949 Preston Ensign*

1950 Floyd Sperry *

1951 James Wollrab*

1952 Robert Bischoff

1953 Ivan Jenkins *

1954 William Brandt

1955 John Dickinson *

1956 Don Freese*

1957 William Costigan*

1958 William Baumgart*

1959 Jack Bowles III*

1960 Mark Tucci*

1961 Vernon Prenzler

1962 Jim Aman

1963 Hal Adelman*

1964 Gene 0 Grady*

1965 Arnold Eddings

1966 Preston Ensign*

1967 Paige Proctor

1968 John Kibler

1969 George Lutz*

1970 William Lawrence*

1971 Dean Hilfinger*

1972 Clay Davis *

1973 Ray Baxter

1974 Dr. David Hume

1975 Clifford Stark*

1976 John Thoennes

1977 Dr. William Fanizzo

1978 David Wiant*

1979 Lawrence Cooper

1980 Carl Ham

1981 Edward Dunn

1982 Martin C. Graham*

1983 James Ensign

1984 Fred F Groves

1985 Vern Prenzler

1986 Dan W. Holder

1987 Roland Thoma

1988 Dr. Irvin Lebow*

1989 James Whittinghill

1990 Phil Rasmus

1991 Bryce A. Sides

1992 Fred Mills*

1993 Martin Oman

1994 Martin Oman

1995 Fred F Groves

1996 Dr. Scott Hume

1997 Dr. Dennis Krug

1998 Richard G. Hackl*

1999 Jesse R. Smart

2000 James Keeran

2001 Erik N. Prenzler

2002 Gary Blakney

2003 Greg Kennett

2004 Gordon Rapp

2005 Jim Allen

2006 William Caisley

2007 Joe Teague

2008 James Keeran

2009 Paul Lawrence

2010 William Yoder

2011 Randy Stein

2012 Fred Noyes

2013 Harry Lovell

2014 Sean Craig

2015 Don Leventhal

2016 Herb Knudsen


  • *Deceased