A Proud Tradition

a source of lasting friendship and public service for over 90 years

The Young Men's Club of Bloomington is part of a long and proud tradition. It has been a source of lasting friendship and public service for over 95 years. The membership consists of more than 90 local businessmen and professionals.

Since the club was founded in October, 1916, it has been known as the most relaxed business and professional club in town. Attendance at the regular Tuesday noon meetings at the Ozark House has never been required, but members attend regularly to enjoy the companionship, entertaining programs, and friendly heckling of officers and fellow members.

A message from our President

As the 99th President of the Young Men's Club of Bloomington, Illinois, I welcome your interest in the club’s home page.  We represent about 90 men that are "young" at heart and active in our community   The club membership is composed from men either currently employed or retired from diverse occupations.  We welcome new members that want to join us in a fellowship that lasts a lifetime.

 Our Tuesday meetings provide great fellowship, interesting speakers, great food, and a place to build friendships that extend beyond our weekly meetings.  Our main goal is to have fun with members and share life experiences.  Within our group we have members that have been in the club over 50 years and new members, each having a story to share. 

 If you are interested in becoming a member, I look forward hearing from you.   

If you are a current member, as president I would remind you that it is important to hear from the members with suggestions for new members, guest speakers, topics, and activities of interest. 

 If you have any questions, you can contact me at:     

  CP      (309)  531-1109

  Work  (309)  820-7443

  Or at seanpcraig@yahoo.com

I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.  There is always a chair at lunch for you.  Please join us!


Sean Craig, President 2014-2015